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The new all-electric Volvo EX40 2025

Volvo has announced the removal of the “Recharge” designation from its fully electric models, the XC40 and C40, as it seeks to simplify its product lineup and focus more on electric vehicles for the future. As part of this change, the two models have been renamed EX40 and EC40 respectively, with options to improve performance and a special black version.

8 March 4 mins to read

Huawei: Launching ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars

Huawei recently held its annual Digital Energy Partnerships Conference in China, where ideas and aspirations for electric vehicle charging were shared by the company's leadership. At the event, Hu Jinlong, head of the company's digital energy division, revealed the upcoming shift of electric vehicles towards using high-voltage charging technologies to enhance charging speeds and provide an experience similar to filling up with fuel.

8 March 3 mins to read

Electric vehicle sales in Germany rise in January 2024

In January 2024, Germany saw 213,553 new passenger car registrations, an increase of 19% compared to the previous year, representing the highest registration rate since 2020. Last month also saw a rise in electric car sales, which is a positive sign after a continuous decline for four years. Consecutive months at the end of 2023.

8 March 3 mins to read

List of the fastest electric cars of 2024

Electric sports cars offer unparalleled performance and power, strengthening their position in the world of sports vehicles. It is expected that the definition of these cars will expand by experts

8 March 4 mins to read

A new era of luxury: Range Rover 2025 Electric

Land Rover has been challenging the limits of what is possible for more than seven decades. Today, electric power enhances the world's most capable and luxurious SUVs with new levels of responsiveness and sophistication.

8 March 3 mins to read

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