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Last updated on December 23, 2023, At 07:52 PM ET

Posted on December 23, 2023, At 07:52 PM ET

The shape of the nails is one of the elements that shows the beauty of the fingers and increases their beauty, so you must, ma'am, find the appropriate shape for your hands. You need to file your nails properly to avoid breakage and damage!

Nail filing steps

To get attractive nails, you must choose the appropriate file. You must use a metal file in the first step to sculpt the appropriate shape, then use a wooden file to soften and refine the end of the nail well without breaking it.

Do not file the nails perpendicularly, as this is a harsh movement that may cause the nails to split and not obtain the desired shape in an ideal way. To correct this error, hold the file at an angle at a 45-degree angle and pass it in the same direction without repeating.

Filing dry nails makes you need a lot of time and effort to file and trim them, which makes them easy to break. Make sure to moisten it a little with warm water so that it becomes somewhat soft.

Some women think that changing the shape of the nails will be easier by using file only, but this method damages the nails. Start first by using nail scissors to thin out. You will need to cut both sides if you choose the almond shape. Use a metal file after that, then a wooden file to get rid of the roughness of the nails.

Many people try to get the right shape for their nails, so they try to fill them after applying the manicure. This is a step that will not give you the desired result, but will cause the nail polish to peel off and damage the nails.

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