The problem of your child waking up at night and its solutions

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Last updated on December 24, 2023, At 01:03 AM ET

Posted on December 24, 2023, At 01:03 AM ET

There is no doubt that caring for young children or infants is one of the matters that requires a lot of effort and attention from mothers, but night care remains one of the most difficult challenges, especially when the child wakes up frequently. So that you and your child can have a good night’s sleep, we have chosen to present to you, Madam, in today’s article the most important tips that will help you provide comfort to your child and prevent him from waking up at night, so follow along with us.

Causes of frequent waking of children or infants

  • Sleep schedule disturbance: Some mothers try to put their children to bed or keep them asleep for as long as possible so that they can perform their daily duties at home, but this mistake causes the child to experience sleep schedule disturbances or sleep a lot in the morning, making it difficult for him to sleep at night. We advise you, Madam, to maintain the child’s sleeping hours so that you feel comfortable at night.
  • Extreme hunger: The child’s feeling of hunger is one of the natural reasons that causes him to wake up at night and may go into crying bouts, so make sure to provide the child with appropriate nutrition during the daytime, provided that it is at fixed times. You can breastfeed or feed the baby before bed so that he does not wake up.

  • Feeling distracted: Placing the child in a specific place to sleep and then moving him to a different place to feel different when he wakes up will cause him to feel distracted and make going to sleep stressful and difficult. Madam, make sure to put the child to bed when he feels sleepy and make it a routine habit and you will notice that the results are more positive than you realize.
  • Wet diaper: With frequent feeding during the day, the child will urinate a lot at night, and once the diaper is wet, the child will feel wet and uncomfortable, which will prompt him to wake up from his sleep. Make sure to use highly absorbent diapers to help keep the baby dry and continue sleeping without any worries.

Tips to avoid baby waking up at night

  • Make your sleepwear light and comfortable, without any compressive locks.
  • The blanket helps give the child a feeling of warmth throughout the night, so it must be placed correctly when the child sleeps by pulling it on the sides and covering the child up to the chest with the arms outside the blanket so that he does not feel discomfort and can breathe easily.
  • If your baby is more than a month old, a pacifier may help you soothe your baby when he wakes up at night.
  • Maintain an appropriate room temperature at night, especially on winter days, because coldness may make the child sick.
  • You can put the child in the same room with you, but in a separate bed, so that it is easier for you to respond to him when he wakes up and prevent his crying and stress.

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