The most amazing designs of wide bracelets from the most famous international designers

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Last updated on December 23, 2023, At 06:28 PM ET

Posted on December 23, 2023, At 06:28 PM ET

Many women love wide bracelets due to their attractiveness and prominent effect on personal appearance. In this article, we will present to you a wonderful selection of wide bracelets from the most famous international brands. Innovative and diverse designs, combining elegance and quality, allowing you to choose bracelets that suit your taste and personal style expressions.

Carolina Bucci wide bracelet

Wide design bracelet made of silk. It features an interlacing of 18k rose, yellow and white gold metals, giving it a unique look and distinct aesthetic.

Wide bracelet from Van cleef & arpels

A wide, interwoven bracelet made of yellow gold and studded with white diamonds that reflect light in flat circular shapes, giving it a sparkling charm.

Chaumet wide bracelet

This partially wide bracelet is made of white gold and features an engraving depicting a sprig of laurel leaves, delicately set with white diamonds. Its diamond-studded edges stand out, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to this sophisticated piece.

Bvlgari wide bracelet

An open, wrap-around bracelet made of white gold in the shape of aligned squares and studded entirely with white diamonds.

Wide bracelet from Cartier

A yellow gold bracelet with an extra-wide design with interlocking rectangular pieces studded with brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Piaget wide bracelet

A delicately designed bracelet consisting of 3 chains linked by a motif in the shape of a flower, which is the name the bracelet bears. The accessory is made of white gold and studded with white diamonds.

In the end, we hope that you liked our selections.

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