Hair and menopause: how to slow down hair loss

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Last updated on December 23, 2023, At 05:46 PM ET

Posted on December 23, 2023, At 05:46 PM ET

With menopause , hair becomes thinner and more fragile , tends to fall out more profusely without proportionate regrowth, and thins out. As if white hair wasn't enough! But if it is easy to solve the problem of gray hair, for hair loss during menopause you need to be more careful. Also because for the majority of women, hair loss is worse and more unwanted than wrinkles and cellulite! Let's see together the measures to take to combat the unpleasant effects of menopause on our hair !

Why does hair fall out during menopause?

The living part of the hair is the hair bulb which in turn depends on the scalp. With menopause, the production of some hormones ceases, including estrogen, which affects the metabolism and well-being of tissues, including hair bulbs. For this reason

  • the life cycle of the hair slows down ;
  • hair becomes brittle and thin ;
  • the hair is less luminous and drier;
  • the chances of suffering from female androgenetic alopecia (with a reduction in hair density) increase.

These effects are not sudden but slow and gradual , so it is very difficult to immediately notice their arrival. This is why it is very important to be careful and above all to prevent or at least slow down their appearance.

During menopause we don't stop going to the hairdresser: it can help us keep our hair beautiful and with the right style or cut it can hide thinning hair!

During menopause we don't stop going to the hairdresser: it can help us keep our hair beautiful and with the right style or cut it can hide thinning hair!

What can we do to improve the appearance and health of our hair after menopause?

First of all, the habits of our lifestyle that we have repeatedly recommended to you at this moment are even more important! Furthermore, the gynecologist who is following us in this delicate period, having our exact data available, will be able to recommend the most suitable supplements for us . But here are some suggestions for all of us:

  • Let's not get discouraged and let's not hide behind the usual "nothing can be done": with a little perseverance, the effects of menopause can be slowed down if not even remedied!
  • It is very important to intervene in time : when menopause arrives we adopt a lifestyle that is more suitable for this new phase of life and more correct habits to counteract its effects.
  • We ask our trusted gynecologist for help in all stages of menopause and we ask our hairdresser for support to help us notice the warning signs in our hair and to advise us on treatments suited to our changes.
  • As with diet or going to the gym, it takes time to see effective results : so if we use an anti-hair loss treatment to prevent or slow down hair loss, let's not stop after 1 week because we don't notice instant changes. The hair cycle is slow and it takes time to see results!
  • If we start to notice that our hair is thinning we don't stop going to the hairdresser , out of shame or because we think we're making the situation worse. Professional treatments, even dyes, if carried out with the right products that do not damage the health of the hair, do not worsen the situation in the slightest; indeed, the careful hand of the professional can give us a cut or a fold that visually cancels the effect of what is happening to us, leaving us proud of our beauty!

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