5 Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 trends we love

John Doa
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Last updated on May 06, 2024, At 03:40 PM ET

Posted on May 06, 2024, At 03:40 PM ET

  1. Paris Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2024 showcased a variety of trends that captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Here are five trends from the event that stood out:

    1. Bags with Unique Handles: Adding a sculptural element to accessories, designers like Gucci and Bottega Veneta introduced bags with standout, unique handles1.

    2. Cool Double Denim Sets: The Canadian Tuxedo returned with a modern twist. Think cropped denim jackets paired with maxi skirts or moto jackets with mini skirts for an edgy look1.

    3. Gothic Shoes: A nod to the late '90s and Y2K, gothic-inspired footwear with chunky platforms and hardware details made a strong statement1.

    4. Large Nature-Inspired Jewelry: Oversized jewelry pieces inspired by natural elements added a bold touch to outfits, complementing the season’s earthy tones1.

    5. Safari Animal Prints: Animal prints with a safari theme brought a wild and adventurous vibe to the fashion scene, perfect for statement pieces1.

    These trends reflect a blend of artistic expression and wearable fashion, offering exciting possibilities for personal styling in the upcoming season. 🍂👗

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