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Posted on April 28, 2024, At 01:46 AM ET

Local foods are actually considered as cultural heritage of the people of every country. Some of these foods have been forgotten little by little with the passage of time and the modernization of life and familiarity with new foods, or their cooking methods have changed. If you travel to any part of Iran, you will definitely get to know very delicious and local foods, some of which you have never eaten or even heard of. Among the cities of Iran, Shiraz is one of the cities that has the most delicious local food. It is impossible that you have not heard the names of Shirazi cabbage pilaf, Ghambar pilaf, Ash Sabzi, Tarhalwa, Shirazi faludeh, etc. Mixed pilafs have their own special place in the table of Iranians. Baghali pilaf, cabbage pilaf, carrot pilaf, sweet pilaf, mursa pilaf, etc. are among the types of mixed pilaf that have their own fans at parties. Lobia pilavi Shirazi is one of the traditional and famous dishes of Shiraz city, which is prepared from a combination of rice with cowpeas and dill, and it has a wonderful taste. If you like to prepare this delicious food at home, stay with us in the rest of this article.


Rice: 3 cups of
nightshade beans: one and a half cups of
dried dill: half a glass of
thick brewed saffron: as much as needed
Chicken: 3 pieces
of onion: 2 pieces of
salt, pepper, and turmeric: as much as needed
Oil: as much as needed

How to prepare

To make this delicious bean pilaf, first soak the rice with lukewarm water and a little salt and set aside. Place the cowpeas, which you have soaked for 2 hours, with some water and salt on the stove to cook. Put the pieces of chicken together with chopped onion and some salt, pepper and turmeric, and a little water on the gas stove until the chicken cooks and becomes soft.

In the next step, drain the rice and set aside. Drain the cooked kidney beans and set aside. Chop the onion and put it in a pan with some oil until it is fried little by little, then add the drained beans along with dry dill and stir well and fry the ingredients for 5 minutes, then turn off the gas stove. turn off Now pour a little oil on the bottom of the suitable pot and place the bottom of the desired pot. Mix the rice and bean mixture together and pour half of the rice into the pot. Arrange the pieces of cooked chicken in the middle of the rice and pour some infused saffron on them, then pour the rest of the rice over the chicken. Pour a little saffron on the surface of the rice and infuse the rice for 45 minutes. After cooking, return the rice to the dish. At this stage, your authentic Shirazi bean pilaf is ready to serve, which is served with Shirazi salad, enjoy.

Important points
1- One of the most important points in preparing all kinds of food is choosing healthy and fresh raw materials. When you want to choose a chicken, be sure to check places such as thighs and wings that are connected; Because the staleness and unhealthyness of the chicken in these parts is determined earlier. If these parts smell unpleasant; It means the chicken is not fresh. Be careful not to choose chickens that are too wet. Too much moisture in the chicken indicates that it has already been frozen. If you use packaged chicken, be sure to check the date and make sure that it is not bled.

2- Always try to use thick brewed saffron; Because the more you brew saffron with more water, the lighter it becomes and you have to use more saffron to get the desired color; Therefore, the method of brewing saffron is very important. To brew saffron, first completely powder the saffron without adding sugar. Then, for 1 teaspoon of saffron, add 2 tablespoons of boiling water and 2 pieces of ice to it. Adding ice shocks the saffron and gives it more color. Store saffron in a closed container in the freezer and allow it to defrost at room temperature before use. After each use, put the remaining saffron in the freezer. Be careful that the saffron you use is not fake. To find out if saffron is fake or pure. Put the saffron between your fingers and press. If the oil does not return; It means it is pure. Fake saffrons are usually shiny.

3- If we want to briefly explain the use of different types of onions, we should start with the yellow onion, which is the most famous member of the onion family. This onion is the best choice for cooking. White onions have a milder flavor than yellow onions. In terms of use, it is almost like red onion and can be eaten raw or used in salads. Red onion has more fiber than white and yellow onion, and because of its beautiful color, it can be used to decorate the food plate. In addition, it is a good choice for grilling, salads and sandwiches. Red onions do not add enough flavor to the food; Therefore, they are not usually used for cooking.

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